I have been a patient of Dr. Faddis’s for several years. I find myself excited to go see the dentist every 6 months. How strange does that sound? Yet only after one time of going to see him, I was so comfortable. He is always on time, he works quickly, his staff is great and very funny, and I love how great they all are with my kids. My daughter went to see Dr. Faddis at 3 years of age and was never afraid one time, they were even able to take X-rays. I really feel like the staff and I have a really great friendly and very fun relationship. I will never go to another dentist, in fact if I ever had to be in a position where my insurance did not use Dr. Faddis anymore, I would not hesitate to change insurances just to be able to stay with him. He is truly the best!

— Juliette Crosby


Dr. Faddis is an amazing dentist as well as an artist. I have had many crowns done and they are beautiful. He works quickly, efficiently and is friendly and fun (as fun as going to the dentist can be!). I really appreciate being the only patient he is working on while in his office. I can count on getting in and out of the office on time.

— Margaret Strong


I met Dr. Faddis on a trip to Tahiti about fifteen years ago. He was a young man that I was very impressed with. I thought I would like to try him as my dentist when we got home. He is still my dentist and has done fine work for me. I am pleased to recommend him to my friends.

— Bob Burton


Going to the dentist…hmmm…such a thought usually engenders a response akin to a mild stroke or seasickness. One of those necessary evils, like eating broccoli or scrubbing toilets. Not so at Dr. Kelly Faddis’s office. Expect instead to find an extremely amicable and competent tooth & gum guru with an uncanny ability to actually make you laugh, debate, argue semantics and politics, and…well…generally make you forget you’re in a dentist’s chair with that bright light glaring in your face. His staff is top notch…friendly, efficient. The office is personal…no industrialized “assembly-line,” “you’re just another root canal” feel. It’s not just about a clean mouth, it’s about having a comfortable and non intimidating experience.

— Arna Clark


When I went to see Dr. Faddis, I hadn’t been able to see a dentist in over a decade because of pain and, I thought, poor treatment. When I first saw him, I needed extensive work. I was scared. But he made it easy and almost pain free. He saved my teeth.

My family and I now look forward to our trips to the dentist. Dr. Faddis and his staff are wonderful and always seem happy to have you there.

— Jimmy and Erin Beddoes


Everyone I know thinks that I am a strange person to absolutely adore my dentist, but I do! Who has a friendship with their dentist? Who actually looks forward to seeing their dentist? Well, I do! I still remember the day I walked into his office and had no waiting and went right in…in fact, I was impressed with the fact that he keeps a simplified schedule so that you never have to wait and you always feel like you are the most important person in his life. I’m not sure what to adore more, the naming of songs on the radio as they come across, the absolute meticulous nature and perfectionist attitude, or that great laugh and cheerful attitude? You know, all that make him a phenomenal person, but the thing that makes him the best dentist in the world is his care for people. I will never forget the day I was traveling and realized I needed my first root canal…when I described it over the phone, he worried and asked how many more cities I had left to visit before I could fly home, and unfortunately it was 2 cities. He immediately asked my husband to get me some pain medicine to get me through the trip and then Dr. Faddis told me to call him when I landed from my airplane, even though it would be 8 pm at night and that my husband should rush me to his office to do an emergency root canal. When I saw his face, he knew I was in intense pain, and I receive a large hug and of course my tears wouldn’t stop rolling…I’m still not sure if it was from the pain or the immense care for a person in need. I will never forget that day and I will always have a friend that I’d do anything for in return. People like Dr. Kelly Faddis are hard to come by…truly special!

— Victoria Radke