Reasons to Switch to Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Alcohol-based mouthwashes can leave an especially clean and refreshing feeling after use, but their alcohol-free counterparts might be a better option for your mouth. Why the need for a switch? Read on to learn about the many advantages of using alcohol-free mouthwash.

Doesn’t Burn

Many love the “bite” that alcohol-based mouthwashes have to them, but you don’t have to use a mouthwash containing alcohol in order to feel a deep clean in the mouth. Ingredients in alcohol-free mouthwashes such as menthol, thymol, and eucalyptol can be just as effective in giving your mouth a deep clean and promoting good dental health. Try an alcohol-free mouthwash, and you’ll likely be surprised by how refreshed your mouth will feel after.

Safer to Use

Alcohol in mouthwash can be problematic, especially for young children. Alcohol-free mouthwash cuts out the risk for possible alcohol poisoning from mouthwash and is safe for use by children, the elderly, diabetics, and recovering alcoholics alike. It is also recommended that those undergoing chemotherapy make the switch to alcohol-free mouthwash. Moreover, some studies have shown that alcohol-free mouthwash could be safer for use on composite resin used to restore decayed teeth.

Won’t Dry Out the Mouth

Just like with drinking alcohol, swishing your mouth with an alcohol-based mouthwash will leave your mouth dry. This is problematic for several reasons, as saliva is important for breaking down sugars and acids that enter the mouth; chewing and swallowing effectively; neutralizing stomach acid; and killing bacteria that might breed in the mouth. Believe it or not, saliva alone carries with it many benefits for your dental health, so it’s vitally important to preserve the natural balance of saliva in your mouth.

Better Morning Breath

As was just stated, alcohol-free mouthwash dries out your mouth much less, which means that bacteria won’t collect on the tongue quite as easily. A moist mouth is key to keeping bad morning breath at bay. As an added measure, you could keep a glass of water at your bedside to help keep your mouth from drying out by morning.

Lower Risk of Oral Cancer

While there is a great deal of disagreement over this, some believe that regular use of alcohol-based mouthwash could increase your risk for getting oral cancer. While this is yet to be proven, it’s always better to be safe than sorry as research continues to be done.

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